Tekio Medium Ring
Beehive - Table
Farrier's Cage - Six Ring Teardrop
  The idea for this light came to me when looking to buy lighting for my own home and I couldn't find anything I liked. Often, the motive for contemporary lighting design is to create a visually unique statement to be the focal point of a room. 
  Divide up pizzas, sandwiches and pastries effortlessly with this handy utensil.
 "Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon." A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh
 'Refreshed' was my entry into the  Teddy's Wish  silent auction held at designjunctiuon 2014. It is an Anglepoise Type 75 desk light adapted by removing the original shade, along with its light fitting and replacing it with a new perforated shade and grill containing a motorised desk fan.
 The ‘Fifty’ lamp was the first product in Anglepoise’s ‘Play’ range. Anglepoise® is loved all over the world for its humanistic, friendly shape and design. The Fifty aims to retain this playful personality.  Image © Ed Reeve    
  The Origami range of tables in café, side and coffee/salon table formats is Innermost’s first venture into furniture.   For up-to-date prices, or to place an order please contact  info@innermost.net
 The 'Around Clock’ came about through a desire to represent time in a more natural and realistic way than a traditional clock. Our sense of time passing is marked by the earth rotating into and out of sunlight and a linear solution best reflects this process. The cylindrical body of the Around Clock rotates behind the static red time line so we simultaneously see the past slipping away, the present and the ever-approaching future.    Image © Hugh Dickens
 The Around Timer is a kitchen timer and is the Around Clock's little brother. Both are produced by Lexon.
 A trug is a type of basket from Sussex made from slats of wood. Today it is  often used as a gardening accessory, but in the past it has been used for building work and many other demanding manual labour tasks.
 Timeline... 2004